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Thyroid, Endocrine and Osteoporosis Institute Dobnig GmbH
Advantages of a private institute
competent and friendly care by a specialist team
short waiting time for an appointment, also on-line appointment reservation
short waiting time on your visiting day (though exceptions can sometimes occur)
short waiting time for reports (for thyroid reports usually two working days)
  Thyroid disorders
We charge a little bit higher than standard Austrian insurance rates for common services (e.g. thyroid ultrasound, thyroid scan, and thyroid hormone lab), a little bit less than 80% of which will be reimbursed by your Austrian insurance company, as well as a flat charge of € 43.- for thyroid, or endocrine disorder and osteoporosis evaluation visits. The latter includes all the benefits of a privately run institute for a "standard" visit. For visits that are more complex and need more time, we will charge a higher flat charge, depending on the duration of your visit, the complexity of the disease and medical report or other services that we may provide. These flat charges will not be reimbursed by your insurance company.

Special treatments (alcohol ablation, radiofrequency ablation) or special diagnostic procedures (core needle biopsy) are usually not reimbursed by the mandatory health insurance companies, but are in general partly (or fully) covered by private insurers. Radioiodine treatment will be reimbursed at 80% by the mandatory insurance companies (own costs approximately € 30.-), fine needle aspiration to a much lesser extent.
The reimbursement process itself might take some weeks. The feedback from our patients regarding reimbursement is however positive. If you bring your medical referral letter ("Überweisungsschein") with you, we will pass it on, together with the "Honorarnote" (Invoice), to your insurance company if you wish.
Radiofrequency ablation
Current costs for Radiofrequency ablation for patients outside the EU are € 2860.- and for EU patients € 2300.- (including VAT of 10%). In Austria mandatory insurance companies often (not always) reimburse approximately € 300.- and complementary insurance companies from nothing to 100%.
"Short" thyroid appointments
Sometimes intermediate control visits for known patients are necessary to assure a proper thyroid hormone dosage. The flat charge for these is € 17.-. For medical services the reimbursement issue is the same as stated above.
Endocrine disorders and osteoporosis
For bone densitometry measurements we charge € 75.-. This includes a "vertebral morphometry scan" in addition to a high-quality scan of the lumbar spine and both femoral sites. Vertebral morphometry allows for detection of vertebral fractures of the thoracic and lumbar spine and adds significant information (without having to send the patient to a radiologist) to the bone density report. Reimbursement for a DEXA (bone mineral density) measurement is approximately € 30.-.
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  Thyroid, Endocrine and Osteoporosis Institute Dobnig GmbH
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