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Jakob-Redtenbachergasse 10, Institute on 2nd floor

This pylon shows you the right way to the entrance

We try to arrange appointments as soon as possible. So-called “small” or “blood collection appointments” for already known patients are usually possible at very short notice (the same or next day).

The following options are available for making appointments::

Phone 0316 / 831 876 (Mon, Tue and Thu 8am to 3pm, Wed 11am to 6pm)
Online Here you can make your appointment online
Fax 0316 / 831 876 – 13
Email via this contact form

Checklist for appointment

Checklist for your visit to us

  1. It is not necessary (for us) to bring a doctors referral form with you, as we as a “Wahlinstitute”, will issue an invoice after the examination, which you can then submit to your insurance company. We would be grateful if you could pay by “Bankomat card”, but of course you can also pay by credit card or in cash.
  2. However, if you bring a doctors referral form with you (which you need for the refund), you can fill out the application form we have prepared for you. Following payment we can forward the invoice to your insurance company if you wish.
  3. Do not take thyroid medication or calcium supplements! Other medicines should be taken normally.
  4. Sobriety is only required for special endocrine assessments, not for thyroid parameters or examinations
  5. Bring your medication list with you!
  6. Bring any preliminary reports with you
  7. What are your main complaints, what is their development over time?
    If you have important questions, please write them down for the interview!
    Haben Sie noch weitere Fragen?

Then please contact us using this contact form.

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