The advantages of a Wahlinstitute

  • competent and friendly support by a team of specialists
    online appointment assignment is possible
    short waiting times (unfortunately, exceptions are also possible with us)
    Findings are usually sent by email after 7-10 working days to the patient and the doctor
  • Significant laboratory values are usually communicated to the patient by telephone on the day they become known to us.

With our invoice we have to charge a 10% VAT. Payment is possible in cash, with a Bankomat- or credit card.

Since 2018 we had to adjust our rates. This means that you will now be reimbursed by the health insurance company slightly less than the previously 80%.

In addition, we charge a standard flat rate of € 44, which includes the advantages you enjoy in a Wahlinstitute. For assessments that take more than the average time or where writing of complex medical letters is foreseen we charge a correspondingly higher flat rate. The flat-rate is usually not refundable.

Special treatment methods (alcohol ablation) or diagnostic procedures (core needle biopsy) are not reimbursed by the mandatory insurance companies, but may be covered by additional insurance.

Radioiodine therapy is reimbursed by the insurance companies to slightly less than 80%, ultrasound-guided fine needle biopsy is currently only reimbursed to a small extent.

Reimbursement by the insurance company is usually made a few weeks after the doctor’s visit. The feedback from our patients in this regard is positive. If you bring with you a referral form on the day of the examination, we will take care of the submission to the insurance company on your behalf (for patients living in Styria).


Small intermediate follow-ups

The flat-rate for intermediate checks is € 18 plus the costs for the individual parameters (reimbursement as above). This includes the mailing of a patients report.

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA)

An RFA is currently associated with costs of € 2300 to 2860 (including 10% VAT). The expensive disposable instrument bears a large share of this. The higher amount covers additional time or technical expenditure compared to a standard procedure. For approx. 85-90% of the patients a one-time treatment is sufficient in the long run. In the case of large nodular formations or recurrences, a second RFA may be necessary at a later date.

In Styria and Lower Austria the ÖGK currently refunds € 1370 and € 1277 respectively, according to the latest information. Other health insurance companies have so far refunded either nothing or an amount of up to about € 350.

Often there is already an external recommendation for surgery by a specialist. This may be helpful in the application process. There is a “Supplement to the RFA-invoice” for your insurance company, which you will receive from us during the initial presentation. It is advisable to go to your insurance company before RFA. You should point out the general advantages as well as the cost-effectiveness of RFA. As of April 2020, it is not yet possible to make a binding statement on how the partial refund will finally be implemented with the health insurance reform at the beginning of 2020.

Supplementary insurances refund from 0% up to the full amount depending on the exact contract and the amount refunded by the mandatory health insurance company.

Endocrine disorders/Osteoporosis

For routine examinations of endocrine assessments and osteoporosis, we charge a flat rate of € 44. For examinations that take more than the usual time and where writing of complex doctor’s letters can be foreseen we charge a correspondingly higher flat rate. This also applies to patients who bring along external bone density measurements.

The flat rate is usually not refundable.

Most endocrine parameters are reimbursed at a little less than 80%, for some sex hormone parameters or a vitamin D determination the amount is smaller.

For the bone density measurement we charge € 75. This includes as a special feature in addition to the usual measurements a so-called “vertebral morphometry”, which allows a lateral assessment of the spine and improves the quality of the report considerably. An X-ray of the spine is thus only necessary in very rare cases (and the X-ray exposure is therefore dramatically lower). Approximately € 30 will be refunded for bone density measurements.

Second opinion (Zweitmeinung)

Often patients with numerous preliminary findings (e.g. from external specialist institutes or also with bone density measurements) come to us for a discussion or second opinion. Since often in such cases no services of the Institute are used, the costs for such visits are significantly higher than the normal flat rate, usually in the amount of € 150 to 200.-. This amount may also be higher depending on the time involved.

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